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20-Dec-2017 03:05

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You were able to exercise a little more to lose any extra weight, or sleep in over the weekends to make up for any tiredness.

With too little thyroid, the fuel (your food) is burned at a lower rate. Tiredness associated with low thyroid function also can find you too tired to exercise as much as you would like to, further adding to weight gain.All your blood tests may come back normal but you are most certainly experiencing nearly every symptom associated with low thyroid function.

She has evolved into what I would call a prefect submissive in that she is so eager to please and, while sometime very nervous about following my direction, she always does so to the best of her abilities. You mentioned in your messenger message about my shaved pussy. Oh I keep it neatly trimmed, but it is grown again, for some time now. It was just that there didn't appear to be much reason to keep it clear. I am so glad to have heard from you and to be updated in what is going on with your life.… continue reading »

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When a married woman gets into an illicit affair, it is either because she is bored of / unhappy in her marriage or that she has given into temptation.… continue reading »

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The dashboard is accessed via the upper left icon and shows all the running applications, in a manner similar to the Exposé feature in Apple's Mac OS X operating system.… continue reading »

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At the heart of the FOAF project is a set of definitions designed to serve as a dictionary of terms that can be used to express claims about the world.… continue reading »

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