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01-Feb-2018 11:39

They saw that Luke Cassar was watching so they invited him over. When they tune in, we imagine the listener to be either still in bed or for our show to be on in the background at a chilled get-together with friends.

We also have relatively busy weeks, so the weekend was the only sound option.” “A few other people came through to that and it ended up being really fun to hang out and play music.

Bucking the trend of most players who couldn’t wait to leave the city once the season ended, Bosetti endeared himself to the locals by spending the off-season in the city.

Lapré is an act comprised of Rowan Blem and Benjamin Mc Carthy, who are fairly new on the block, but have gathered a bit of a following pretty quickly.

In the staid world of baseball, he was gaining a reputation as a fun-loving prankster.

On the last day of the 1977 while he was with the Cards, Bosetti and teammate Butch Metzger sat out a lengthy pre-game rain delay in the dugout, while most of their fellow Cardinals had repaired to the clubhouse to wait things out.

A Marine Corps Colour Guard was on hand, waiting to perform drills for the fans once the game was ready to start.

Bosetti struck up a conversation with several of the guards, and before long had talked one of them into letting him hold his rifle, which was filled with blanks.Zia Haffejee came on board about two months after that when we realised we shared a common vision regarding local music culture, and a serious desire to interact with it.