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30-Jul-2017 07:35

Republicans spent years attempting to discredit the mainstream media as deceitful and dishonest—sometimes with reason, Sykes argued.

But in the process, they created a vacuum that the conspiracy mongers of have happily filled and Trump has deftly exploited.

But Trump has embraced and normalized the political fringe in unprecedented ways—and that could have far-reaching effects.

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It was previously unthinkable for a major-party nominee to appear on Jones’ show (broadcast from “FEMA Region 6”), but Trump is an exception. And Trump himself, who phoned into Jones’ show last December for a friendly chat, has welcomed the host’s support and parroted his message to a degree that has shocked even Jones.

For nearly a week, Fox News’ Sean Hannity devoted his nightly show to the rumors and brought on “experts” such as Ben Carson to speculate on whether Clinton had brain damage.

Trump’s son Eric told an interviewer he was “scared” just watching Clinton cough.

One of the most popular items at this year’s Republican National Convention was a navy blue T-shirt that at first glance looked terribly out of place. Beneath was the punchline: “for Prison.” You could find the slogan everywhere—on stickers, signs, and buttons, on a banner towed by an airplane over Cleveland, on the lips of convention speakers such as Patricia Smith, whose son was killed in Benghazi.

“Hillary for Prison” quickly became a rallying cry synonymous with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—but it did not originate with the Republican nominee.

Trump adviser Roger Stone, a former Nixon campaign aide and political dirty trickster, wrote a book claiming that Chelsea Clinton got four plastic surgeries to mask the identity of her real father.

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