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Two councilmen selected to name the city were from Fayetteville, Tennessee, which was itself named for Fayetteville, North Carolina (where some of its earliest residents had lived before moving to Tennessee).That original Fayetteville was named for General Lafayette, a French general who helped the colonies gain independence in the American Revolutionary War.

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At 1,400 feet of elevation, it is also one of the highest major US cities between the western Great Plains and the Appalachian Mountains.

Union forces repelled a Confederate attack in October 1864.

After the war, the United States government established the Fayetteville National Cemetery in 1867.

The Washington Courthouse was finished in 1829, and also contained the post office.

Later in the year Postmaster Larkin Newton changed the name to the Fayetteville Courthouse, to avoid confusing with Washington, Hempstead County.

In 1828, George Mc Garrah settled at Big Spring with his family on the modern day corner of Spring and Willow, founding the town of Washington, and starting work on the courthouse.